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Fresh Meat & Poultry Supply for VIC, SA & WA


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Products List
    Poultry Products

    Chicken Breast Fillet Skin Off

    Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets are a lean, flavoursome chicken portion. Chicken breast fillets are very versatile, fantastic seasoned and fried or grilled, diced for casseroles, stews, stir fries or for kebabs, or even crumbed as schnitzels. Skin off chicken breast fillets taste great.

    Chicken Kebab

    Ideal Finger Food Size - Suitable for any function or event. Ready to Cook - No preparation just cook and serve. Dry Seasoned Coating - Ideal for hot plate and barbecue cooking. Ideal on their own as a tasty finger food for entertaining. Perfect for barbecuing, served with fresh garden salad as a meal.

    Fresh Meat & Poultry Supply Everyday!

    Our meats and poultry supply products are the freshest around Victoria, South Australia and Western Australian. Try our farm fresh chicken and poultry cuts today. Buy in bulk direct to the public as much or as little as you like.

    Our Chicken Suppliers & Poultry Suppliers